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Woman Rescues Dog On Side of Highway, Gets Thanked With Sweet Kisses



Quick Smiles:

  • Donna Lochmann of SRSL rushed to rescue a dog, later named Miley Marker, reported to be on the side of a highway.
  • Despite her ill health and weakness, Miley surprised Lochmann with a big kiss as a sign of her gratitude.
  • Miley has now recovered and is ready to be fostered or adopted, continuing to spread love with her signature wet kisses.

Stray Rescue of St. Louis (SRSL) received frantic calls about a scared dog on the side of a freeway.

Normally, these cases are tricky due to dogs constantly on the move, but one caller’s precise detail made all the difference.

Donna Lochmann, SRSL’s chief life saving officer, immediately jumped into action when she was given the exact mile marker.

“One person that called us gave us the exact mile marker on the highway,” Lochmann stated.

“We’re extremely grateful to that person.”

Following the caller’s accurate directions, Lochmann spotted the frightened, skinny dog lying just off the highway on a grassy slope.

She carefully approached the dog, ensuring not to spook her onto the busy road.


“I just went up really, really slow because I didn’t want her to get up and run and then end up back on the highway,” she explained.

Lochmann’s patience paid off.

Gradually, the dog, later named Miley Marker, allowed Lochmann to leash her.

She was too weak to walk, but that didn’t deter Miley from showing her appreciation in the most adorable way – by giving her rescuer a giant kiss.

Upon arrival at SRSL, Miley’s health issues became apparent.

She was ill, her stomach filled with various items from the highway, and her blood count was low.


However, with the love and care of her new family at SRSL, Miley proved to be a beacon of joy.

“From the get-go, that girl was so happy and so friendly,” Lochmann shared.

With every step of her recovery, Miley never missed a chance to show her gratitude with another juicy smooch.

Today, she’s stronger than ever and ready to find her forever home, but until then, the SRSL team is more than happy to enjoy her love-filled kisses.

Lochmann summed up the experience beautifully, “She’s just full of life,” she said.

“It’s been amazing.”