Woman Saves Her Senior Dog From Kentucky Floods Using Plastic Container And Staying On A Rooftop

  • Rising floodwaters in Kentucky prompt Chloe Adams to look for a floatation device for her senior dog Sandy who cannot swim.
  • Adams found a couch cushion and used it to anchor the plastic container that she put Sandy in.
  • They managed to get safely to their neighbor’s rooftop where they were saved by Adams’ uncle hours later.

When floodwaters continued rising in Eastern Kentucky last week, Chloe Adams had to act fast to save herself and her best friend Sandy.  She was finding ways to keep Sandy and her afloat until they both could reach their neighbor’s rooftop.

Sandy is already a senior dog and it does not know how to swim.  The flood water was also cold.  Adams’ worry was losing Sandy.  She had to find something to just let Sandy float safely, fast!

Adams tried Sandy’s bed but it sank. Then she tried a plastic container that could fit Sandy but it too began to sink.

Photo Credit: Terry Adams

With time against her and the water continuously rising, she managed to get hold of a couch cushion and placed it under the plastic container to keep it afloat.  They slowly made their way to the rooftop where they stayed for five hours.

Adams said, “I held Sandy in my lap the entire time and put the plastic container over her to keep the rain off of her.” The rain was still falling and the water was getting deeper.

Fortunately, Adams’ uncle was able to rescue them with his kayak and are now safe in the house of her grandmother.

It was a traumatic experience for them but Adams said, “We comfort each other when going through something hard. “I [am] there to hold her and tell her it’s OK, and she lays her head in my lap knowing I’m in pain.”

 Adams just showed that there really is nothing that you would not do for a friend. We wish you a speedy recovery, Chloe and Sandy.

Source: The Dodo

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