Woman Spots Stray Dog Watching Her From The Bushes And Invites Him To Her Home

  • If not for a pair of eyes shining through the bushes, Jen Endmondson would not have known a dog needed help.
  • Edmondson immediately rescued the dog and upon a local vet’s suggestion, fostered it.
  • Since then, the dog has been thriving with Edmondson’s love and affection.

Jen Edmondson was going out of her house one moonlit night when something moved in the bushes beneath her mailbox.  There, peeking at her was a dog whose brown eyes reflected the moon.  

She hurried to get food and water for the dog who was clearly needing her help.  She also took a video of the dog and posted on their community page to anyone who might be looking for their pet.

Photo Credit: @laughing_frog_studio (Instagram)

From the responses on her post, the dog did not seem to belong to anyone from their neighborhood and was just roaming around.  A local vet suggested that she foster the dog for the meantime.

Photo Credit: @laughing_frog_studio (Instagram)

Edmondson had reservations since she was already taking care of a senior dog but took the dog in, anyway.  She even named the dog Gibbous after the moon that shone on his eyes when she found him. 

Photo Credit: @laughing_frog_studio (Instagram)

Since then, she has been showering Gibbous with all the love and affection that the pup needs. The dog has also become a comforting and dependable companion to her. Edmondson said, β€œHe is the most loving, gentle, sweet dog I think I have ever met. β€œHe enjoys treats (of course) and loves to run after the ATV.

Although Edmondson still has to decide whether to adopt Gibbous or not, every day that they spend together makes her appreciate the gentle giant that shows his love for her through his eyes.

Source: The Dodo

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