Woman unintentionally turns her dog into “a blueberry” [Video]

Woman unintentionally turns her dog into “a blueberry”

  • It is natural for Gizmo, an incredibly adventurous tiny white dog, to get a little grimy, as he’s always curious and tends to investigate everything.
  • When his owner Lottie Cooper noticed that Gizmo’s hair is getting slightly brown, she gave him a bath using an anti-yellow shampoo.
  • Instead, the bath made the tiny dog look like “a blueberry,” as his fur now looks purple!

A supposed-to-be-usual bath has tinted a puppy’s snowy hair purple.

Photo Credit: Lottie Cooper/The Dodo

Lottie Cooper, Gizmo’s owner and a dog walker by trade, accidentally turned her dog’s white fur purple with an “anti-yellow” shampoo.

A natural adventure-seeker who’s always incredibly curious about things, tiny Gizmo usually ends up dirty trying to inspect everything — which has eventually made his naturally white complexion turn to “many shades of brown.”

When Lottie noticed that her dog’s fur was looking a little grimy, she gave him a bath and tried an anti-yellow shampoo to wash his browning hair.

“I used the shampoo to try [and] get him back to his naturally white locks,” Lottie said.

Unfortunately, the intention to restore his snow-white hair made it purple.

It was awful for Lottie to see her dog purple-dyed, and that, though accidentally, she was the one responsible for it. Thanks to Gizmo looking so cool about it, though, Lottie didn’t feel any worse for her honest mistake.

Photo Credit: Lottie Cooper/The Dodo

Lottie was only trying to restore her puppy’s color. But even after several baths, Gizmo’s fur still looks stained.

Lottie’s friends, who knew about the story, think that “it’s the funniest thing” ever. With Gizmo being so naturally lovely, they absolutely loved his new look.

Photo Credit: Lottie Cooper/The Dodo

Despite the unusual purple tint, Gizmo manages to rock his new look, which for Lottie, fits him.

“He is a little bit of a star in our local town so people have really found it super funny,” Lottie shared. “He is the clown dog, loves making people laugh, so it was quite fitting he turned into a blueberry.”


Source: The Dodo

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