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Woman Unknowingly Buys Roller Skates She Owned 40 Years Ago [Video]



  • Renee Forestall wants to re-learn how to skate and looks for a pair like the one she had in her teenage years.
  • She bought an old pair from Facebook marketplace without any idea that they were her old skates!
  • She replaced the wheels and laces with new ones and is now determined to up her skating game. 

When you find one, it’s a Cinderella moment.  The shoe just fits. 

High school art teacher Renee Forestall decided to re-learn how to skate before her 60th birthday and so she bought a new pair.  But they proved to be stiff as it was made of vinyl and the boots did not feel good on her.

Her teenage memories of skating endless hours on her old pair of skates while she was healing from a “personal loss” reminded her of how a pair should feel. She set out to find a vintage pair of skates but learned that they are costly. 

So, Renee set up a notification on the Facebook marketplace for old skates. Luckily, she was alerted that Halifax-resident James Bond had a beat-up pair going for $40.

The skates measured 10-inches, Renee’s size! And so, she made a deal with James Bond, the seller. He told her that the pair was just sitting in her mother’s basement for decades and used to belong to his sister.

Photo Credit: Millie Webb

Even if the skates were sad-looking, dirty, with laces missing and the wheels yellowed, when she tried them on, the boots fit her like a glove! She was getting nostalgic about being in the old skates that her mother bought for her when lo and behold! When she checked the inside of the boot, her name was written in black marker on it!

She said she was dumbfounded.  It was actually her skates that she regretted selling in the early 80s in a yard sale! This brought her to tears because she felt like her whole life flashed before her.

Photo Credit: Millie Webb

Forrestall had the wheels replaced with new red ones and new laces, too! She had a beautiful reason to re-learn skating. She said, “I’ve wiped out a few times, but summer is here and I’m going to enjoy them. I just want to keep working on my balance and get good enough on them to where I don’t hurt myself.”

She posted her reunion with her beloved pair of skates on TikTok and has gotten more than a million views! The pair are meant to be!


Source: People