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Woodpecker’s Secret Loot Spills Out In A Deluge As Pet Control Guy Cuts Hole In Wall



  • A Pest Control guy was amazed at discovering huge amounts of acorns at a house he was treating for damages from a woodpecker.
  • All in all, the acorns that fell from the walls’ cavities filled up 8 large trash bags and weighed 700 pounds.
  • The holes on the walls outside have been patched and vinyl sidings have been installed to prevent the bird from drilling holes again and encourage her to find new storage.

In the 20 years that Nick Castro of Nick’s Extreme Pest Control has been in business in California, he has not experienced a situation like the discovery he made while cutting a wall in one of his clients’ houses.

He was called to a house which had damage from a woodpecker. This type of bird pecks at wood to create a hole where they store their food.  This time, it bore holes in the siding of the home.  But instead of staying in one place, her food, acorns, fell into the cavities of the walls of the house.

Photo Credit: Nick’s Extreme Pest Control

As Nick cut through the walls, a stream of acorns steadily came pouring out.  It was a deluge!  For Nick, it was nuts! 

Nick said, “They just kept coming and coming, nonstop.”  He added, “Acorns were thought to be only about a quarter of the way up the wall. Turned out, they were piled high up to the attic of the house.”

Photo Credit: Nick’s Extreme Pest Control

All in all, the walls’ cavities spurned out around 700 pounds of acorns which filled eight large trash bags.

Good thing that even with the extent of damage that the woodpecker caused, Nick’s policy states that “All animals are handled humanely and NEVER euthanized.” And so, they just patched up the holes outside of the house and added new vinyl siding to prevent the bird from drilling holes again.   

Photo Credit: Nick’s Extreme Pest Control

They are hoping the bird will find a new storage place for her food.  After all, her remarkable ability to gather and store an epic amount of her food is admirable.  She deserves credit for her hard work and all the food she needs.    

Source: The Dodo