15 pets whose haircuts turned either hilariously bad or adorably cute

Getting a new haircut is not always fun because it can turn into a traumatic experience for some.

You may have wanted to get some cool bangs but ended up regretting it for the rest of your life. The hairstylist can also get a little too far and decided that it would be better to cut four inches instead of two.

Yes, we know the feeling.

Actually, even pets can also go through the painful experience of a bad haircut. Sometimes these transformations end up looking pretty good. But sometimes, if it didn’t turn the way we hoped it would be, it can at least give us a good laugh.

Here are 15 pets with the funniest-slash-cutest haircuts.

1. This dog looks like the frontman of a rock band. Yes, we dig.

Photo Credit: u/dannygally (Reddit)

2. No idea how this pup got this haircut. He doesn’t have a clue either.

Photo Credit: u/phoriaa (Reddit)

3. Hello, bangs!

Photo Credit: u/Inazumaryoku (Reddit)

4. Why are the mohawk and beard making this dog look like a person?

Photo Credit: u/Twisted_NaeNae (Reddit)

5. Now we’re craving for twisted marshmallows.

Photo Credit: u/mazu74 (Reddit)

6. Shut up, we have the same haircut.

Photo Credit: @imaginaryerika (Instagram)

7. This pup looks like a character in The Hobbit.

Photo Credit: u/dog-admin (Reddit)

8. We believe she’s not liking her new haircut.

Photo Credit: u/ELISE_B (Reddit)

9. Oh, la-la… rocking my side-swept bangs.

Photo Credit: u/HopHeadRed34 (Reddit)

10. He looks stunned. Who can blame him? He has no body hair.

Photo Credit: u/PyrateHooker (Reddit)

11. Ready for a manicure? That comparison below her picture is pretty accurate though.

Photo Credit: u/amycleonard (Reddit)

12. Looks like the groomer got a little excited with the scissors.

Photo Credit: u/thegreatesk (Reddit)

13. Fringe, baby.

Photo Credit: Imgur

14. Somehow this dog still looks super cute!

Photo Credit: u/CaligulasPeri (Reddit)

15. *Looks in the mirror* Sigh…

Photo Credit: @kekka65 (Instagram)

Next time you get a bad haircut, just remember: You are not alone!

You’re welcome.

Source: Inspire More

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