Young Americans are bravely answering the call to serve with AmeriCorps

  • AmeriCorps’ NCCC allows American Youth to be involved in community service.
  • Services range from rebuilding homes from a fire, COVID-19 center assistance, and food distribution.
  • In exchange, after serving 1,700 hours with the NCCC, volunteers will graduate from the program and receive $6,395.

AmeriCorps is a 10-month residential program funded by the U.S. government that takes in around 2,100 youth between 18 and 26 years old across the states.  They are fielded to different areas to assist in a wide range of service from assisting in COVID-19 pandemic, food security, to helping in building houses.

The youth provide the considerable need for volunteers and people power to implement these programs.

Last October, the AmeriCorps focused on safety amid COVID-19, communication, leadership development, and teamwork in their training.

From there, 230 eager volunteers have been deployed on their new adventures in serving others under the AmeriCorps’ National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC).

Photo Credit: AmeriCorps /NCCC

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, some teams are assisting the Health Department by delivering hygiene supplies to residents in lockdown while the others support testing sites for the coronavirus.

COVID-19Wilhemina Soley, a volunteer assigned in wildfire management in the West said that she feels amazing to have the chance to make a real difference in these unprecedented times. “It was so rewarding to talk to homeowners and know that because of the work I was doing, they are going to be safer and more protected from wildfires. I know that this is an experience I will take with me for the rest of my life,” she said.

Other groups are assisting the Health Department by supporting coronavirus testing sites and delivering hygiene supplies to residents.

“Being able to step up and help places that really need it has been such a gratifying way to take a year that would otherwise have been staying at home, and make it a life-changing experience,” Solley said.

Photo Credit: AmeriCorps /NCCC

One group that benefits from the youth deployments is Habitat for Humanity. The Sacramento Team has been using hammers and power tools for home construction.

Another California team assists in food distribution in Stockton.

An Oregon team participated in home building and environment upkeep.

Bode Anderson-Brown from the ‘Purple 6 team’ serving in Salt Lake City, Utah, was happy to discover that he could get out of his comfort zone. He said,

Photo Credit: AmeriCorps /NCCC

“Talking to people on the phone and getting them the assistance, they need… I previously considered this to be out of my wheelhouse, but have now discovered that I have a talent for it!”

When Soley and Anderson-Brown complete their long-term service projects with 1,700 hours of service with the NCCC, they would receive $6,395 in exchange.  This would help in paying their existing student loans or pay for college.

What a way to be of service to others. Thank you!

Source: Good News Network

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