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Young Man With 22Q Syndrome Proves He Is More Than His Disability



  • Justin G proves that anything is possible and that disability should not limit anyone.
  • The 25-year-old was born with 22Q syndrome — meaning, part of his 22nd chromosome is missing.
  • Justin made headlines recently when he shared in Twitter that he just landed his first job.

Justin G, who was born with 22Q syndrome, just proved to people that he is more than his disability.

Also known as DiGeorge syndrome, 22Q syndrome means part of the 22nd chromosome is missing.

Throughout his 25 years, Justin has experienced several symptoms associated with 22Q — heart problems and learning difficulties, to name a couple.

But this Massachusetts native’s positive attitude and determination to succeed made it possible for him to overcome obstacles.

Photo Credit: Twitter/syndrome22q1

Last year, Justin shared a tweet during World Kindness Day that touched a lot of people, especially those with disabilities.

“I have special needs,” he wrote. “It doesn’t matter if my heart is different or my brain is different or if I have a different body or my voice is different I can do anything I put my mind to don’t let your disability take control only you are.”

Justin’s Twitter post went viral and even caught the attention of actor Mark Hamill who praised his attitude.

Justin has gained a number of Twitter followers since then. He often receives thousands of comments and “happy birthday” wishes. Through his social media platform, Justin aims to raise awareness for 22Q and encourage other people with disabilities to never give up.

“I want to share people with special needs you can a job and you can’t let your disability get in the way,” he said.

Recently, Justin had some big news to share. In a tweet, he announced that he landed his first job ever, and his fans couldn’t be more excited for him!


“I got the Job I am Starting Early Next week I am in a loss of words and do not know what to say other then let’s party this is my first ever job in my whole life I won’t let my disability stop me,” he wrote.

With help from his cousin and best friend, Justin earned a job making social media posts for Charge Across America, a TV docuseries about racing electric cars. He couldn’t be happier about the job, but it’s his community’s wonderful response that made his achievement even sweeter.

“I feel so amazing the internet is celebrating my success,” he said. “I felt so, so, so happy and shocked when I was getting tons of support.”

Source: Inspire More