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Young Son Breaks Down At The Sight Of His Mother in Her Wedding Dress [Video]



  • A hairstylist shared a heartwarming moment of bride Sommer Jean with her son Mekhi in tears before the bride walked down the aisle.
  • Mekhi cried tears of joy when he saw his mother in her beautiful bridal glory.
  • The young boy was emotional over his mom saying ‘I do.’

Hairstylist Thomas Adrianna captured on video the special moment between the bride, Sommer Jean and her son Mekhi, before the bride walked the aisle to say ‘I do’.

It was the first time that the 11-year-old Mekhi got to see his mom in her wedding dress. With the bride’s hair clipped at the back, she absolutely looked stunning.

And as Jean tells Mekhi he looked great and amazing and asked him if he was ready to walk her down the aisle, the tears flowed.

Mekhi tells his mom he is so happy for her and gives her a hug.  Jean then made sure that he was crying happy tears as she fought back her own tears. She said, “I’ve been doing good all day!”

Jean kept on complimenting Mekhi and telling him he looked handsome in his white suit and bow tie. She then says “I love you so much.”  And Mekhi answers with an “I love you too.”

And the video has made more than 7 million viewers cry, too!  So far, it has been liked 2 million times!

Adrianna, who took the video and posted it on Instagram was so overwhelmed that overnight, it was already viewed 4 million times.


She says it’s special “moments like this” that make her stay in a tough industry. Adrianna said, “She is truly amazing with a beautiful story. So it means so much to her and her son! 🙏🏾”

Adrianna also posted photos of when mother and son walked down the aisle and of the groom, Jeffrey.

We wish you all the best!

Source: People