Aww, Sleeping Dog Challenge’s Most Adorable Photos

Adorable Photos from the Sleeping Dog Challenge

  • The internet is full of adorable pet photos, especially with pet parents participating in different dog photo challenges.
  • One such challenge is the “Sleeping Dog Challenge,” which features dogs in different kinds of expressions.
  • These 10 photos feature sleeping pups looking so adorable, they are sure to make you go “Aww!”

Nowadays it’s easy to see all kinds of dog photos on the internet — whether you want to see something hilarious or adorable. It’s even made easier now that pet parents all over the world love participating in different dog photo challenges!

One recent challenge featured on the Dogspotting Society Facebook page is the “Sleeping Dog Challenge.”

These 10 adorable photos from that challenge will surely melt your heart!

1. Who wouldn’t love sleeping when you have such a snuggly stuffed toy?

Photo Credit: Facebook

2. This 7-month-old, 80-pound pup also loves snuggling, but he prefers humans.

Photo Credit: Facebook

3. This sleepy crew of adorable cocker spaniels has taken over the sofa!

Photo Credit: Facebook

4. Shh! Don’t disturb him from his peaceful slumber.

Photo Credit: Facebook

5. This husky looks like he’s having a blast in his dream.

Photo Credit: Facebook

6. This pupper has turned into a cinnamon roll in her sleep.

Photo Credit: Facebook

7. Aww, he was too exhausted from camping duties!

Photo Credit: Facebook

8. This pup can’t help but fall asleep on his work desk.

Photo Credit: Facebook

9. This pup has the best sleep even when smooshed up next to his dad. Or perhaps he’s more comfortable that way.


10. Sleeping in a fluffy blanket cave is simply the comfiest you can be. We can only imagine this puppy’s tiny snores!

Photo Credit: Facebook

These sleeping pups are just too cute! We totally understand why their parents love taking their pictures, and we’re grateful that they shared them with the world.

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