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11-Year-Old Girl Sews 1,200 Masks for Healthcare Workers and Homeless People



  • Holli Morgan is only 11 years old but she has a heart that’s bigger than many adults.
  • After being inspired by her church helping many people in need, Holli started creating masks for healthcare workers and homeless people. 
  • The local station, WGCL, was inspired by Holli’s heroic act so they gave her $1,200 to buy a new sewing machine and start her own YouTube channel.

An 11-year-old girl made use of her sewing skills and created 1,200 masks for health care workers. Her efforts didn’t go unrecognized, because after people got inspired by her heroic act, they gifted her with a huge amount so she could buy a brand new sewing machine.

Holli Morgan, who lives in Stone Mountain, Georgia, initially started to create 500 masks as her target. But she soon surpassed that with a new goal to sew 1200 masks!

Photo Credit: Holli Hearts Humanity

What inspired her to do that was her church, which helps many people in need amidst these difficult times, she told WGCL.

“Every time we pass by the church, we see somebody sitting asking for food or money,” Holli said.

The young girl will also be giving masks to homeless people who couldn’t even afford to buy one. She does it because she said, “It makes me feel good.”

Photo Credit: Holli Hearts Humanity

People around her are impressed with her big heart and dedication to helping others. 

That includes the senior pastor at Berean Christian Church, Kerwin Lee, who said of her, “At a young age, she is aware that she can still make a difference for humanity. I love her courage and her willingness to do what she does not only for herself but to help others.”

Even the WGCL crew were truly inspired by how young Holli was and how much she has already done. So, they gifted her with a check amounting to  $1,200 so she can buy a brand new sewing machine! With the rest of it, she can use to start her YouTube channel, which she has also dreamed of doing.

Source: PEOPLE