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110-Year-old Is A TikTok Singing Sensation, Thanks to Grandson [Video]



  • It took 100 years for Amy Hawkins to fulfill her dream of becoming an entertainer.
  • Hawkins has always wanted to be an entertainer but her mother stopped her from realizing it.
  • An uploaded video of her singing on TikTok has gained 100,000 views from a new generation of audience and fulfilled her dream.

Thanks to her Gen Z great-grandson, Amy Hawkins is fulfilling her dream to be a singer.  It might have taken a century, but this grandma is taking TikTok by storm.

At 7 years-old, Hawkins’ joy was to sing and dance. She dreamed of becoming an entertainer. She started building her dream by becoming a member of a dance troupe that was touring the country.  But then, her dream was cut short by her mom who did not see being a dancer as a respectable profession for a woman.

With the love and support of her four-generation family, the centenarian songstress has not stopped singing even if not professionally.  


My great grandma enjoying her birthday #fpy #foryoupage #old #supergran #uk #1911 #birthday #song #music #old #oldestontiktok #wales #celebrate #tea ♬ original sound – Sacha Freeman

Her granddaughter Hannah Freeman said, “She’s like a clock, once you wind her up, she won’t stop. She just keeps asking, ‘Would you like another one?’.”

And so, a hundred years later and with the COVID-19 pandemic making her stay at home in Monmouth, South Wales with her family and enabling them to have a deep and loving bond, she is realizing her dream.

When Hawkins’ celebrated her 110th birthday, her great-grandson Sacha videoed her It’s a Long Way to Tipperary, one of Hawkins’ favorite WWI tunes. When they posted it on TikTok as a joke, they did not imagine the overwhelmingly upbeat response!  There were emotional reactions and comments and it has already reached more than 100,000 views!

Photo Credit: Hannah Freeman

Freeman said, “Reading the comments, people have been in tears, because they miss their family or [think] about the family they have lost. She thinks that it has been a real lesson for his son Sacha and it restored her faith in humanity especially during this difficult time.

She may be entertaining a new generation of audience but no matter how long it took her to reach her dream, she fulfilled her dream of being an entertainer. Sing on, Amy Hawkins! 

Source: Good News Network