15 Heartwarming Photos of Newly Adopted Pets

15 Heartwarming Photos of Newly Adopted Pets

  • Adopting a pet for the first time can be nerve-wracking, but it’s always worth it.
  • Pets just simply have a way of brightening our lives.
  • Take a look at these heartwarming pictures of newly adopted pets.

Pets can be an instant ray of sunshine in our lives.

Just take a look at these heartwarming pictures of adorable pets who were newly adopted.

1. Within two weeks in his new home, Knor is the epitome of contentment.

Photo Credit: u/Glazuur (Reddit)

2. This man suddenly became a cat dad to a kitten who followed him for four blocks.

Photo Credit: u/mike_pants (Reddit)

3. This rescue dog chanced upon the clinic of her new owner, who had been applying for an adoption for months.

Photo Credit: u/bananicoot (Reddit)

4. This 12-yr-old warrior cat may be deaf, but she’s “already runnin’ the place.”

Photo Credit: u/EastSideTilly (Reddit)

5. A loving face of gratitude.

Photo Credit: u/EastSideTilly (Reddit)

6. Adopters often say that it was their pet who rescued them.

Photo Credit: u/binarysol0 (Reddit)

7. Adorable Vader was rescued from a bad shelter.

Photo Credit: Reddit

8. Halo was officially adopted after a month of fostering.

Photo Credit: u/GreyskullMotors (Reddit)

9. This feral kitty was rescued from a car engine.

Photo Credit: u/ProfesserCypress (Reddit)

10. This cat parent couldn’t help but adopt the sibling of his newly adopted kitten.

Photo Credit: u/celestialstupidity (Reddit)

11. This dog mom’s boyfriend already started calling the pup “their” dog.

Photo Credit: u/minxynymph (Reddit)

12. Two cats are better than one!

Photo Credit: u/dev_salsa (Reddit)

13. This rescue kitten has settled in happily with a once-nervous adopter.

Photo Credit: u/DangerJ0hnson (Reddit)

14. This adorable fur ball settled in within one hour of adoption.

Photo Credit: u/Breadchick (Reddit)

15. A heartwarming kind of proposal: “‘Will you… adopt this cat with me?’ She said yes!”

Photo Credit: u/February90 (Reddit)

There’s no doubt that pets make our lives so much brighter. A big thank you to everyone who adopts, and all the best to their new loving relationships with their adorable fur babies!

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