2020 Gets Roasted on Twitter

2020 Gets Roasted on Twitter

  • This year has officially become the most-hated year.
  • We can’t deny, however, that it has brought forth humor in the form of countless memes, which helped us get through it.
  • Twitter showcased this year’s top 10 hilariously relatable tweets for everyone to see.

2020 is officially the most-hated year.

Even Twitter agrees — just take a look at their profile page:

Photo Credit: Twitter

But with all the innumerable tortures this year has brought us, we can’t deny that it has brought forth countless memes, puns, and jokes that we couldn’t help but laugh at despite it all.

So, as the year draws to a close, social media users heeded Twitter’s call to roast this cursed number while bringing some humor into it.


Twitter then showcased the top 10 hilariously relatable tweets that seemed to resonate with everyone:

1. 2020 as a person is simply everyone’s most-hated individual.


2. Who hurt you, 2020?


3. Negative stars.


4. We simply can’t wait for it to end.


5. Lots of people just want to erase 2020 from history.


6. Let’s just not talk about it anymore.


7. Still, others are understandably apprehensive about the coming year.


8. Don’t jinx it!


9. Some want to be smart about the future…


10. …While others wish for everyone to be smarter too.


To say that 2020 presented quite the challenge to all of us is a huge understatement.

“Wearing masks, social distancing, being in quarantine, and generally not being able to go anywhere freely” were just some of the things we had to get used to, said Twitter user @_aanittangele.

But like the rest of us, she told Bored Panda that humor helped her get through most of the year: “There would be times where I’d feel overwhelmed and stressed and coming on to the internet and seeing all these jokes, memes, and puns just made me feel better.”


Source: Bored Panda

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