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Newly-Engaged Man Asks Brother With Down Syndrome To Be His Best Man [Video]



  • Will Claussen just got engaged and he’d chosen his brother Henry Joe to be his best man.
  • The way Will asked Henry Joe about it was quite unique and such a pure joy to watch.
  • In a video he posted on Instagram, they are digging in the garden when Henry joe hit the bottle with a note asking him to be Will’s best man.

Being chosen as the best man or the maid of honor in your loved one’s most special milestone in life is such a great privilege. You are being recognized as the number one person they would turn to. You are their best friend…their best buddy.

Others would give this role to a very close friend or relative, but most of the time, it’s given to a sibling. And this story of two brothers right here is another wonderful tale of brotherly love.

Will Claussen from Minnesota recently got engaged, and naturally, he asked his brother Henry Joe to be his best man. Henry Joe has Down syndrome.

In a video that Will posted on his Instagram account, it shows his creative way of asking his brother. Their adorable exchange has melted many hearts as the video went viral gaining almost 100k views!


They can be seen as having a little bonding moment in the garden. Without Henry’s knowledge, Will has hidden a bottle in the garden. He starts digging and when Henry Joe comes next, he hits the bottle and picks it up. The bottle has a note that says: “Henry Joe, you’re already the best bro and the best friend, so will you say yes to being my best man? Love Will.”

They read it together and realizing what it says, Henry Joe exclaims, “WHAT!?”

Henry Joe is smiling from ear to ear and jumps into his brother’s arms and hugs him tight! Watching them embrace like that makes us want to be their siblings too!

Will captioned the video: 

“My Best Man ❤️


In a World with much need for love and positivity, @claussenhenry_ always comes through ❤️”

Along with what the note says. 

It was a pure joy to watch!

Source: Tank’s Good News