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A 93-Year-Old Woman Receives Coors Light Delivery Following Her “I Need More Beer!” Sign that Went Viral



  • The “I Need More Beer!” photo from one 93-year-old woman, standing by her windowsill, attracts attention on the internet.
  • Coors Brewing Company gets the message and sends 10 beer cases to her home in Pennsylvania.
  • The old woman poses next to her new beer supply, drinking from the beer can, answering the question of how she is with “I can still kick a football and if you like, hit a home run!”

Olive Veronesi, 93 years old, receives 10 beer cases from Coors Brewing Company on Monday, after her picture, holding in her hand an “I Need More Beer!” board attracted attention.

The Brewing Company made the delivery to her home in Pennsylvania, sharing pictures of the drop-off that made sure social distancing protocols were followed. Olive now poses for the photo, in her hand a dry-erase board that read, “Got More Beer!”

Olive answered the delivery with, “I can still kick a football and if you like, hit a home run!” when asked how she is, confined inside her house following safety guidelines.

There are other photos taken on the day of the delivery at her house. In these next photos, Olive poses next to her new supply beer, this time drinking from the can.

This all happened because of the one now-viral photo of Olive, posted on the internet Thursday. This particular photo shows her standing by her windowsill, on hand is a can of beer and one dry-erase board with the words, “I Need More Beer!!” written on it.

Pittsburgh CBS affiliate KDKA posted the story on Facebook, captioned “Olive Veronesi from Seminole, PA is doing her part to stay home and stay safe,” adding, “She’s sending this message to her neighbors and to her daughter.”

KDKA shared another picture to share the story, Olive standing on the porch of her house, holding in her hands two cans of beer. Everybody knows from these photos how happy she is, beaming with delight.

“It’s nice, something for a young lady,” Olive says to the news station.

The Facebook page received comments from amused users. There are those who even promised to send Olive beers.

Source: People