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A ‘Cavalry’ Of Paramedics And EMTs From Different States Join Forces To Fight Coronavirus In New York City [Video]



  • A medical “cavalry” went to Fort Totten Park in Queens on Thursday in response to help the Big Apple contain the virus.
  • Mayor Bill de Blasio is grateful for their promptness to help even if it means leaving their families at home.
  • The number of paramedics and EMTs came from different states such as California, Ohio, Georgia and Mississippi.

On Thursday, an army of paramedics and EMTs from all over the country in more than 50 ambulances rallied at Fort Totten Park in Queens, to join hands in the fight to control COVID-19 in the Big Apple and help in the treatment of those infected by the virus.

“We needed the cavalry to come, we needed the reinforcements to come,” mayor Bill de Blasio announced to the number of emergency responders from different states such as California, Ohio, Georgia and Mississippi.

“The fact that you’re willing to leave your hometown, leave your family, and come here in our hour of need, I cannot thank you enough,” the mayor said at the park—where during the Civil War, it served as a home to a Union fort.

“When you guys started showing up, it was like the biggest shot in the arm, 8.6 million people are profoundly thankful,” he continued.

Photo Credit: Gabriella Bass

FEMA officials announced on Tuesday their plans to send help to New York City with 250 ambulances and a “cavalry” of 500 EMTs and paramedics to assist in the response operations to the “unprecedented” tsunami of 911 calls amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The ambulances were filled with oxygen bottles, surgical gloves, masks and other supplies to be deployed.

After de Basilio finished his speech, he talked with two EMTs from Kalamazoo, Michigan and gave them their personal numbers.

Photo Credit: Gabriella Bass

Bringing with him the Kalamazoo’s Pride Care Ambulance, Andrew McCann, 26, told The Post he might call the mayor in his favor.

“Looks like I’m throwing out the first pitch at Yankee Stadium!” he said.

Captain of West Palm Beach Rural Metro, FEMA Battalion 2, Kelley Holloway, went into the borough equipped with medical gear on board his white sedan.

“I’m a field supervisor with FEMA, so I stock up here with the essential needs. I’m driving to Brooklyn. The ambulances in my area in Brooklyn text me with what they need and I go to them,” Holloway said.

“The FDNY has been amazing. They’ve welcomed us with open arms.”

Source: New York Post