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A Comedian’s Spot-On Impersonation Of A Mom Letting The Dog Out At Night Has Pet Owners Laughing In Agreement [Video]



  • TikTok user and impersonator @alxjames has been pretending to be different kinds of moms in his videos.
  • This video of a mom letting out the dog to do his/her thing at night is so spot-on that pet owners are rolling on the floor laughing from the accuracy.
  • The impersonation used phrases and actions that dog owners have used and done at one time or another, it is hilarious.

For dog owners who have to take their fur babies out at night, TikTok user @alxjames’ interpretation of a mom doing the job is so spot-on.  Other dog owners can relate much to what the “mom” was saying and doing.


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Although alxjames has been impersonating different kinds of moms in his videos, this one really appeals to dog moms or dads.

The TikTok video shows a mom in a brown robe with hair disheveled but had to take the fur baby out at night to do their number 1 or number 2. The “mom” coaxes the dog to go out there and waits for the dog to finish what they should do.  And even holds out the flashlight to see where the dog is.

Photo Credit: @alxjames (TikTok)

The phrases and actions are so accurately what dog owners go through it is hilarious!   

@hannahcluckey commented: “I’ve never seen something more accurate to the way I act. Glad we aren’t the only ones!” To which @melzerifany agreed, “When you hit the door I lost it. We truly are all the same.”

Photo Credit: @alxjames (TikTok)

TikTok user, @ally_cat23 noted: “So stern but so loving at the same time.” The prospect of getting back up again after the dog has been let out can really make one stern in warning the pooch to finish what needs to be done. To which @dirtybananaa advised: “Ya forgot the ‘What wants a treat?!’ trick to get them inside.”

Can we suggest a video of a mom giving the pup a bath next time? That would be equally hilarious!

Source: Pet Helpful