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A Dog’s Joyful School Pickup!



Quick Smiles:

  • From being abandoned at the park to finding a forever home, this sweet dog has won the hearts of many.
  • The delightful update: The dog ecstatically greeting his human sister from school, with his tail wagging so hard, you can hear it!
  • Touching comments from fans: “He’s so precious,” “His kid is home,” and “that’s HIS girl.”

Everyone remembers the heartwarming story of the Shephard Labrador mix left alone at the dog park, but thankfully discovered by a caring family.

Social media was abuzz with the adorable moments of bonding between this sweet dog and his new family.

TikTok’s @crowdogbutterfly delighted fans by providing an update on this beloved pup.

From the first video on September 21, showing the dog snuggling with his new human mom, to the latest clip on October 4, the transformation is nothing short of magical.

@crowdogbutterfly Apparently school pick up is his favorite time of day 😊 #fyp #shepherdlabmix #lucky #serendipity ♬ Little Things – Adrian Berenguer

In the recent video, the screen reads “How it’s going with the new dog…” and captures a delightful car scene.

The excited pup is seen nestling with his human sister, soaking in all the neck scratches and love she’s showering on him. You can hear his tail energetically thwacking the seats. The bond is unmistakable: the love, the trust, the happiness.


And guess what?

“Apparently school pick up is his favorite time of day,” says the video caption.

TikTok comments poured in with warmth and joy. “How could anyone abandon that baby,” a user expressed.

“His kid is home,” commented another.

Other remarks included praises like “What a sweet boy” and affirmations such as “that’s HIS girl.”

Considering the challenges and distress faced by abandoned dogs, highlighted by Four Paws International, it’s genuinely heartening to witness such strong bonding. Dogs left behind can experience distress, confusion, and many other issues.


But this particular tale? It’s a testament to love and second chances.