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A pediatric nurse inspires 6-year-old cancer survivor, now she wants to become a nurse too [Video]



  • A 6-year-old’s battle with cancer was made bearable with the help of a passionate pediatric nurse.
  • Because of the love and care that she was shown, Averie Lazzara now wants to be a nurse.
  • Averie is now cancer-free and is on her way to healing thanks to the support and encouragement from nurse Jamie.

Cancer drains the body but not the spirit.  A positive disposition, excellent medical care and a support group help in achieving a bright ending.  And this is true with 6-year-old Averie Lazzara.

Averie was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia when she was just two years old. For years, she had regular visits to the Northwestern Medicine Central DuPage Hospital in Winfield, Illinois where she got to meet pediatric nurse, Jamie Rogers.

Jamie said, “She is the cutest, most fun little girl you’ll ever meet. The first couple weeks she was still getting used to us, but once she did, her personality came through, and she just wanted to play.”

Their bond inspired Averie to be a nurse when she grows up and would come to her appointments wearing scrubs and role play as a doctor or nurse.

Photo Credit: Northwestern Medicine (YouTube)

Jamie was with Averie through all her tests, procedures and chemotherapy sessions and answered every question and even held Averie’s mom, Stacy’s hand through it all.

Photo Credit: Northwestern Medicine (YouTube)

Stacy said, “I think what’s especially powerful is that it was not one big thing Jamie did to make a monumental impact, but rather a million little things. She took what could have been a really traumatizing experience for Averie and found a way to infuse joy into her days. That’s a gift I could never put a value on.”

Photo Credit: Northwestern Medicine (YouTube)

Averie was pronounced cancer-free eighteen months ago.  And looking at her sunny disposition and bright smile, she sure would make a great pediatric nurse.

Great job, Averie, Nurse Jamie and Mom Stacy!

Source: Inspire More