Kindergarten Teacher Transformed Her Students’ Drawings Of Imaginary Monsters Into Plushies

  • A kindergarten teacher in Australia created plushies for her students based on their drawings.
  • The teacher, who requested to remain anonymous, made the toys for her students, aged 5 and 6.
  • Parent Reid Parker, the person who posted the teacher’s work online, said it’s an example of why teachers deserve better pay.

A 45-year-old dad from Melbourne, Australia praised his son’s teacher online after she made unique, handmade toys for her students — all 22 of them.

Photo Credit: @ReidParker_ (Twitter)

The teacher, who requested to remain unnamed created the toys based off of an imaginary “monster” the kids had been asked to draw.

Parent Reid Parker said the teacher “feels ‘very appreciated’ by the positive response after he posted her work. But she doesn’t want any further attention” even though she’s been doing this for years to make her students, aged between 5 and 6, smile.

Photo Credit: @ReidParker_ (Twitter)

“Apparently during lockdown she rode around the neighborhood and dropped off the toys to each child’s house,” Reid said. But, he wasn’t expecting the accuracy and quality of the toy his son, Oscar, received.

Reid shared a photo of the toy Oscar received. It was called a “therizinosaurus,” which he recently saw in the movie “Jurassic Park Dominion.” Other parents also shared photos of their own kids’ new toys.

“I was spellbound by how amazing they all looked,” Reid said. “so asked the parents if I could wrap them into a larger post online.”

Reid’s Twitter thread has been viewed by millions who praised the teacher’s creativity and thoughtfulness.

Photo Credit: @ReidParker_ (Twitter)

Reid said he isn’t sure how long the project took but Twitter users said that it must have taken hundreds of hours. “I don’t know if that was hyperbole, but knowing how long it would have taken me, that sounds about right!” he said.

In Reid’s tweet, he called out officials to “pay teachers more.”

Reid said, “there’s a perception that teachers are paid appropriately for the hours they work. I’m paid fine for my own job, but at the end of the day, that’s to make a profit for the company and supply a service to customers. It’s not going to change the world.”

Photo Credit: @ReidParker_ (Twitter)

“Teachers are the people our children spend half of their waking hours with. They help to create the people those children are going to become,” he continued. “I really think we need to pay teachers enough so the profession can attract and keep the best of the best and not lose them to better-paying jobs.”

Photo Credit: @ReidParker_ (Twitter)

Some parents of the teacher’s former students said their kids also received toys from this teacher, saying they’d “recognize her work anywhere.”

Photo Credit: @ReidParker_ (Twitter)

“My kid is in grade 1 at the same school and his little handmade monster is a prize possession,” tweeted @phalB.

Photo Credit: @ReidParker_ (Twitter)

Source: Yahoo!

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