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Adorable Pup Doesn’t Care About The Rigid Rules Of The Show, All He Wants Is To Play And People Are Loving It



  • Kratu has been joining running agility courses at a dog show in England and he has a different take on it.
  • The adorable pup doesn’t want to follow the rigid rules and instead, he runs and plays as freely as he wants uncaring—which though he scores low from the judges, he certainly is the winner for the audience.
  • Sadly, it’s his last year joining this competition and people will be missing him in his retirement,

A big and hairy dog has his own take on the running agility courses, and he is very consistent!

Consistently failing! But so what? People love him so much! 

Facebook | KratuTheRescueDog

Kratu is a rescue dog who went viral in 2018 with his very uncaring and free-spirited performance during a dog show in England. The next year, the adorable pup did it again—leaving the audience loving him more!

This year, Kratu is back at it again! He knows no rules and doesn’t care at all, but it’s the cutest thing ever!

Facebook | KratuTheRescueDog

Once again, Kratu was there just being himself, very playful and very uncaring of the rigid rules. Though he did not score high from the judges, he surely captured the hearts of all the people watching—because evidently, they all cheered on him!

Facebook | KratuTheRescueDog

Tessa Eagle Swan, Kratu’s mom, says it’ll be his last year to join the competition. It may be saddening to not see him again by next year, but even so, he will surely still keep making this world a happy place just by being himself. He is Tessa’s source of joy and emotional support.

“He is the best assistance I could have as he always makes me laugh, too,” Swan told The Dodo. “He is a clown at home daily. How can you be down for long when you live with such a wonderful happy clown? He makes my heart smile.”

Source: The Dodo