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Adorable Sheep Stranded for 2 Years Finally Saved from Scottish Cliff!



Quick Smiles:

  • Stranded sheep finally rescued after two years on beach
  • Local farmers come to the rescue of “Britain’s loneliest” sheep
  • Sheep shearer helps bring Fiona to safety and gives her a fresh start

In a heartwarming…oops, sorry, in an incredibly uplifting story, a sheep named Fiona has been saved from two years of solitude on a beach in Scotland.

Nicknamed “Britain’s loneliest,” Fiona was discovered by a kayaker at the base of a cliff in Sutherland. Surrounded by steep cliffs and the chilly Cromarty Firth, Fiona managed to survive by finding enough food and water to sustain herself and grow a massive fleece.

Initially, several animal rescue organizations deemed the rescue mission too complicated. But fear not, because a group of local farmers stepped in to save the day.

With their strength and determination, they managed to haul Fiona up the cliff. However, there was one unexpected challenge—they realized Fiona was quite plump.

Apparently, Fiona had been enjoying her time on the secluded pebble beach by indulging in some serious eating. The farmers were amazed by her incredible condition.

One of the rescuers, Cammy Wilson, shared in a Facebook video, “We’ve come up here with some heavy equipment and we’ve got this sheep up an incredibly steep slope. She’s in incredible condition—it was some job lifting her up that slope.”

See it for yourself below:


Cammy Wilson, who is known for his work as a sheep-shearer and runs The Sheep Game video blog, had seen media coverage of Fiona’s predicament and decided to lend a helping hand.

He expressed his joy in freeing Fiona, stating that she “is going to a very special place,” referring to a farm park where she will be well taken care of.

After bringing Fiona to safety, Wilson took her to Dumfries where he sheared her fleece for national media coverage at a farm park. The fleece was so large that it posed a danger to Fiona, much like a turtle shell would be if it fell flat on its back.

But fear not, the fleece will not go to waste. It will be sent to a special wool weaver who will transform it into something for a charity auction.

We all know that stories about sheep can capture the world’s attention. Just think about the infamous Australian Merino wether named “Shrek” who was caught after six years on the run. That story became one of the most-read stories of the week across English-speaking media. Sheep really do have a way of bringing people together!


So, let’s all share this tremendous sheep story with our friends from the countryside and spread some smiles.

Fiona’s rescue is a reminder that even in the most challenging situations, there are always kind-hearted individuals who are willing to go the extra mile to help those in need.