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Alaskan Cat’s Snack Negotiation Skills Wins Hearts



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  • An Alaskan Scottish Fold named Puffin has won over TikTok with his stubborn negotiation for a midnight snack, communicated through talking buttons.
  • Domesticated feline specialists suggest that cats can recognize their owner’s voice and even certain words in specific situations.
  • Puffin’s video has amassed over 755,000 views and more than 44,000 likes, prompting humorous comments from entertained viewers.

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It’s well-known that cats love a good snack! Unlike dogs who might perform tricks for a treat, cats often demand it outright. And, they expect obedience. Just take a look at a Scottish Fold from Alaska causing chuckles across TikTok.

A comical clip uploaded on TikTok under the username @puffindoestricks presents this exact case. Puffin, the snack-loving Scottish Fold, has a captivating dialogue with his human about his wish for a post-midnight feast. The cat uses talking buttons to express his dissatisfaction in an exchange that’s amusingly familiar.

The video shows our furry star repeatedly hitting the buttons labeled “treat” and “now”. The owner, in response, tries to reason with Puffin, reminding him that it’s bedtime and he’s had enough snacks. When asked if there’s something else he might want, Puffin predictably chooses catnip, which his owner happily agrees to provide.

Cats are often even wiser than we give them credit for, according to feline wellness specialists. These fluffy pets are not only capable of recognizing their owner’s voice, but they may also understand distinct words, although these situations are highly specific.


“However, cats ignore most of what you say as they only recognize certain words. Even the words they do recognize don’t carry the same meaning for them as they do for us,” reveal the specialists.

Despite cats’ lack of understanding of specific word meanings, when they hear something familiar, like their name, they know something involving them is likely to happen.


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