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All His Daughter Ever Wanted Was To Buy A Happy Meal In McDonald’s So Dad Recreates The Experience In Their Backyard [Video]



  • All that Maizie Lewis ever wanted for her birthday was to order a Happy Meal in McDonald’s drive-thru.
  • But since New Zealand is in level 4 lockdown, she is not allowed to go out for that.
  • So his father recreated the experience in their driveway.

Maizie Lewis was going to have his fourth birthday and all she wanted was to order some chicken nuggets with her family in a McDonald’s drive-thru.

But she isn’t allowed to do that because New Zealand, where she lives, is under strict Level 4 lockdown and going out to her favorite store is not possible at all.

Video Credit: Nathan Lewis

That’s why his dad, Nathan Lewis, finds a way to make his little girl’s birthday wish come true. For seven hours, he reconstructed a drive-thru in their backyard complete with a TV-screen so his daughter could still experience the excitement of placing an order for the Happy Meal.

The night before her birthday on April 22, Nathan worked until 1.30am to complete his project. He filmed himself as if he was in a checkout of the window of the store taking an order. 

Photo Credit: Nathan Lewis

Nathan uploaded the video of his girl’s experience of that day on their family Facebook, Lewis Bunch in Lockdown, starting from when she woke up, got dressed in her Disney Frozen outfit, and hopped into the car for the drive-thru order experience. 

Maizie was with mother and other siblings in the car as it slowly moved down the driveway past a sign that says ‘McDonald’s drive-thru.’

Photo Credit: Nathan Lewis

They paused at the TV screen in which the adorable kid made her order for chicken nuggets, chips and a strawberry milkshake.

Then his father’s voice can be heard telling them to proceed and make a payment. After that, Nathan guided them to the car park as they waited for Maizie’s order to be delivered. In the distance, the famous Ronald McDonald can be seen.

Photo Credit: Nathan Lewis

Soon enough, Nathan appeared dressed in the fast food chain’s uniform carrying the Happy Meal and said hello to his daughter to which Maizie sweetly replied ‘daddy.’

The adorable video has since become viral and many people are praising the family for their creativity.


Source: Daily Mail