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Andrea Bocelli’s Music For Hope Concert In The Deserted Duomo Di Milano Cathedral Left People In Tears Around The World [Video]



  • Andrea Bocelli was invited to perform in the Duomo di Milano with no audience and it was one of his most iconic performances ever.
  • On Easter Sunday, his Music For Hope concert was streamed live on his Youtube channel.
  • Millions of viewers were touched by the performance saying it was: ‘moving, mesmerising and magnificent!’ 

The opera singer Andrea Bocelli left many of his  3.4million viewers from all over the world in tears with his Music For Hope live stream Easter Sunday concert from the deserted Duomo di Milano.

Bocelli’s performance was very powerful and fans have become emotional saying it was: ‘moving, mesmerising and magnificent!’ 

The Milan cathedral has been shut off in response to the coronavirus pandemic, but Archpriest Monsignor Gianantonio Borgonovo and Mayor Giuseppe Sala have granted the 61-year-old artist special access along with the Duomo di Milano’s organist Emanuele Vianelli.

The COVID-19 outbreak has ravaged Italy, killing 19,899 among 150,000 plus confirmed cases since it first took hold. But Italians are hopeful that they have already passed the peak as the 431 deaths reported the last Sunday was the lowest number since March 19.

The 600-year-old organization, Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo, which also supervises the building, was the one to organize the event. Bocelli and Vianelli performed emotionally touching songs in the likes of Ave Maria and Sancta Maria. 

“I can’t help crying at the heartbreaking beauty of Andrea Bocelli alone in the great duomo, only empty seats in front of him. This moment in history is magnificent and utterly sad. Siamo con te, Italia,” wrote one commenter. 

It could be one of Bocelli’s most iconic performances ever. 

Another one tweeted that seeing Bocelli singing alone inside the Duomo di Milano “is heartbreaking but so powerful and uplifting. Grazie #MUSICFORHOPE.”


Before his performance, Bocelli was photographed looking completely solemn in the cathedral. There were no audiences but the performance was streamed live to his YouTube channel.

“I believe in the strength of praying together; I believe in the Christian Easter, a universal symbol of rebirth that everyone – whether they are believers or not – truly needs right now,” Bocelli said.

He is thankful that through music, millions of people come together in one mind and one accord to feel the pain of the earth’s wounded heart. He believes that this oneness is the proof and the reason for Italian pride.

Giuseppe Sala, the Mayor of Milan, was very thankful that the tenor singer granted his invitation to grace a performance in the cathedral. It was what people exactly needed to warm, not just Milan, but the whole Italy and the world, in the midst of these troubled times. 

“The voice and word of Andrea Bocelli reminds us that the reason for our hope does not come from us but it is a gift that comes from God,” Archpriest of Duomo di Milano, Monsignor Gianantonio Borgonovo said.

Watch the whole concert below:

Source: The Daily Mail