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Annoyed Cat Stares Daggers At Dad For Taking Her Spot [Video]



  • Aurora may have a grouchy face, but she is a sweetheart when it comes to snuggling.
  • She is not a fan of someone taking over her favorite spot in the couch, however.
  • When she saw her dad on her spot, she stared daggers at him and didn’t blink for over 30 minutes!

Meet Aurora. She’s a total sweetheart when it comes to snuggling. But because of her “infamous grouchy face,” she looks annoyed most of the time.

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Her mom, Amy, said that Aurora was the last to be adopted from her litter. She thought that her grumpy face may have turned away other adopters, but she fell in love with her at first sight.

Aurora’s favorite snuggling spot is on the couch, so she’s not at all amused when her special spot is taken.

That’s exactly what happened one day when Aurora went to the couch only to find that her spot has been taken by none other than her dad. She couldn’t believe the audacity!

Aurora stared daggers at her dad for a whole 37 minutes!

We’re amazed she could go that long without blinking, but if that’s what it takes to get her dad to scooch over, then she has to make sure he gets the message.

Annoyed Cat Stares Daggers At Dad For Taking Her Spot
Photo Credit: TikTok/

TikTok viewers speculated in the comments section on what the annoyed cat could be thinking as she stared, unblinking. TikTok user @jesly_101 wrote, “That cat is going through a whole movie about how she’s going to take him out.” Viewer @alex02rt had to ask, “Do you have casualty insurance?”

Her dad is probably dreading what comes after now! He’s not gonna be able to sleep in peace.

Several cat parents could relate, saying that their cat looked and acted like Aurora. One user, @elizabethsilverbooks, shared that her “chunky gray tabby” runs the household, too.


Aurora is surely the queen of her castle!

Annoyed Cat
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We can’t think of anyone who can win a stare-down against Aurora. We just hope her dad can give her more than enough pets and treats to earn her forgiveness.

Source: Pet Helpful