Be Careful with English Bulldog Nelson or He Will Steal Your Heart

  • A clothing stall vendor decided to bring her dog Nelson to her outdoor shop to prevent him from feeling anxious.
  • Nelson sits on a blanket in front of the shop and just watches the shoppers walk by and his surroundings.
  • Every day that Nelson sits there, he allows strangers to shake his paws, take a photo with him, and in the process steal their hearts.

Outdoor market clothing stall vendor Conny Steyaert has a secret weapon: her 8-year-old English bulldog Nelson who sits outside her shop, allows passersby to shake her paw, steals their hearts and makes sales, too!

It all started when she decided to bring Nelson to work because Nelson is anxious when left alone indoors.  According to Steyaert, β€œ[He’s] a very sensitive dog. [He] is a mellow and very chill dog at home, but he does not like to be left alone. He is happiest outdoors.”

Photo Credit: Conny Steyaert

So, she set up a blanket in front of her stand where she could monitor him at the same time Nelson can observe whatever is happening in his surroundings.  This became a daily ritual for the two.

And that is when she learned that Nelson shakes hands with potential clients and steals hearts every day that he is there! Steyaert said, β€œWhat touches me the most is when he lifts his paw to [shake] with people. He knows how to steal their hearts.”

Photo Credit: Conny Steyaert

It was a surprise for Steyaert to see how good, loving and chill dog Nelson was with the people at the market and the strangers who pet him. The attention ranges from turning people’s heads to full-on doting!  They would ask to have their photo taken with Nelson and even give him treats.

Now, Nelson’s popularity has widened to include his mom who people now recognize because of him. 

Photo Credit: Conny Steyaert

Nelson not only steals hearts but also heals. His mom said that one day, there was a girl who passed by her stand and stopped to ask if she could pet Nelson. When she agreed, the girl started crying.  Her bulldog just died recently and seeing Nelson made her happy.

Photo Credit: Conny Steyaert

The daily work they do also strengthens their relationship. Steyaert said, β€œHe is my best friend, always by my side,” Steyaert said. β€œ[He has] changed my life.”

Source: The Dodo

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