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Bear Gets ‘High’ After Eating Honey That Has Psychedelic Effect [Video]



  • Bear stumbles upon beehives full of honey on his food-finding adventure.
  • Not knowing that people take it in small doses because of its psychedelic effect, he fills his tummy up.
  • The bear ended up dazed and had to be carried by people to the vet for treatment.

One hungry bear’s quest to fill its tummy ends up in a different kind of trip. And what a bizarre kind of trip it turned out to be!

The bear certainly was not looking for a high when it stumbled upon a beehive of sweet honey in Turkey.  Well maybe high on tummy-filling food but not the psychedelic one.

Unknowingly, the bear helped himself to deli bal — also known as “mad honey.”

“Mad honey” comes from the flowers of the rhododendron family and for ages, people harvest them for their sweetness and its effects — euphoria or hallucinations.  But for those who know, it should be taken in small doses.

But for the unsuspecting bear, he got more than he can handle. 

Photo Credit: Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

And by too much, he was blitzed out! Good thing that people came to his aid and carried him to be treated by a vet.

The effect is only temporary and we hope he gets out of the daze soon which Turkey’s Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry assured in a statement. “[He] is in good health, and our teams continue their treatment.”

Photo Credit: Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

We hope to see him with no after effects and be released soon.  And this memory is stamped on his brain that when he sees honey laid out so openly for him to feast on, there would be a catch in there somewhere.  After all, when something is too good to be true, it is too good to be true.

Source: The Dodo