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Big, Playful Dog Checks On His Baby Sister At Night [Video]



  • Despite being a big and playful dog, Berkley is sweet towards his human sister. 
  • When she was just 8 months old, Berkley would secretly check on her at night to make sure she’s okay. 
  • Elainey is now 2 years old and she loves having Berkley around and protecting her.

Berkley is a big and adorably fluffy dog with a kind heart. He lives happily with his mom, Christine Jo Miller, his dad, and his now 2-year-old human sister, Elainey. 

Admittedly, Christine was worried at first, that Berkley’s playful personality would be a little too much to handle for Elainey when she was only a baby. But as soon as they allowed him to see her, both of them fell in love instantly. 


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“I used to have very far boundaries for him with her, since he’s so big,” Christine told The Dodo. “But the only thing that would make her happy was him being in the room. So once we gave him the OK to be around her … [we] realized how gentle he really is.”

The couple set up a number of cameras to monitor Elainey back when she was only 8 months old. 

As soon as they checked on the footage, they realized they weren’t the only ones monitoring the baby — Berkley silently checked on her too, and he did that every night! 

Photo Credit: Christine Jo Miller

“We caught him the second we got the cameras,” Christine said. “It was like he knew he had a job to do and it was to watch out for her.”

The couple always made sure that they were just close by in case the huge pup disturbs the baby’s sleep. But he was so gentle and it seemed that his purpose was to just genuinely check that she’s okay. 

“He’s never gone in to do anything crazy,” Christine said. “[He] just checks in and turns around and leaves, so I know it’s his duty to do as part of the family.”

Now that Elainey has grown old enough to understand that she has a sweet dog brother who’s being protective of her, she is appreciative of his presence. 

“I told her he checks on her to keep her safe at night,” Christian said. “She just smiled and said, ‘Awwwww.’”

Source: The Dodo