Blind dog conquered fear of stairs with help from husky brother [Video]

  • A blind dog rescued from China gets adopted in England and lives in a split-level house with her new big brother dog.
  • Big brother Wookie plays with, naps with, and guides Bonnie every step of the way and has now helped her conquer her fear of going downstairs.
  • With Wookie by her side, Bonnie now goes up and down the stairs with confidence.

Bonnie is a blind husky that has overcome a lot of odds.  She came from an animal shelter in China, had wounds and survived a traumatic transport in order to reach England.  But in spite of that, she has remained affectionate to her kind and to humans.

And now, she has conquered her fear of walking down the stairs with the help of her big brother and best friend, Wookie.  The two dogs play and nap together and Wookie always guides Bonnie when they are out walking. The sound of the bells on Wookie’s collar clues Bonnie in on where her brother is.

Bonnie’s and Wookie’s mom, Victoria Pombeiro said, “Bonnie is amazing, you’d never know she was blind. She added, “She maps out a room, bumps into things once and then learns where they are and never bumps into them again.”

Photo Credit: Victoria Pomberio

Bonnie’s latest achievement came after much effort. Pombeiro said that they had a split-level house and that for the first weeks, Bonnie lived on the ground level and they saw no effort from her to go up the kitchen area.  They did not push her and allowed her to go at her own pace.

Pombeiro said, “I’d sit at the top or bottom of the stairs and just talk to her. Wookie would run up and down the stairs as if he was trying to show her what to do. It was adorable!”

Photo Credit: Victoria Pomberio

Pomberio recalled that after a while, Bonnie would go back down and lose confidence. But then, “One day a friend came to visit, and we were chatting in the kitchen and there was something about the tone of my friend’s voice that just made Bonnie run all the way up to greet her. It was such a proud moment!”

And from that day on, Bookie has been going up and down the stairs with Wookie by her side.

Photo Credit: Victoria Pomberio

Good job, Wookie! Congratulations, Bonnie!

Source: The Dodo

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I’ve had dogs that go blind (old-age) so they can “ease”-in, and the going up-stairs seemed almost as bad at the top step. Similarly, only had one dog that seemed to count steps well, up or down (unless she ever stopped mid-staircase, then her confidence evaporated). Nice job, and best of luck.

I think you can…I think you can…YOU CAN!!!
I was cheering Bonnie on…out loud…and loudly! Kudos to Wookiee for his persistent desire to teach his “sister” how it’s done, even if it took trip after trip up and down the stairs. And my heartfelt congratulations to Mom of the Year, Victoria Pomberio, for rescuing this fur baby and opening a new world for Bonnie to “see.” Now, please, excuse me while I reach for the tissues.