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Border Collie Plays Fetch with Mom in the Shower [Video]



  • Baloo is a playful pup with silly antics.
  • One day, he was bored while his mom was showering, so he plopped a toy in the shower and waited for his mom to throw it back out.
  • The two were soon playing a shower fetch game!

Baloo the border collie is a playful pup.

Photo Credit: Natalie McAllister

He’s even described as “a complete nut” by his mom, Natalie McAllister.

“He is so silly and weird most of the time,” Natalie told The Dodo.

Photo Credit: Natalie McAllister

Despite his goofy antics, Natalie knows she can count on Baloo for her work as a photographer.

He’s “an avid competitor when it comes time to work,” Natalie says.

Photo Credit: Natalie McAllister

He really behaves like a professional model!

His mom also loves the element of surprise he seems to bring with him. She just has no idea what silly thing he’ll do next!

One quirk involves him snooping on his mom when she’s taking a shower.

Natalie shared, “If Baloo is upstairs with me when I take a shower, he will always poke his head in. It started when he could smell the Dove soap open, he has a weird obsession with it, but now it’s pretty much all the time.” 

Photo Credit: Natalie McAllister

Natalie has since been used to Baloo checking in on her whenever she showers. But one day, he wanted to do something else with his mom.

He brought her a toy! He plopped the toy into the bathtub and waited for his mom to throw it back.

“His only goal in bringing me the toy was to play fetch, which is one of his favorite games. I don’t often throw toys for him in the house, because he’s crazy,” Natalie shared. “But I think he felt like he had me cornered and that I would have to throw his toy back.” 

And so, Baloo got what he wanted. When Natalie threw the toy out, Baloo fetched it and plopped it back into the shower until it really became a game of fetch.


Baloo was finally able to play fetch inside the house! He also found a way to spend time with his mom while she showers.

The mom-and-pup duo has only played shower fetch once. But knowing that a border collie is a “creature of habit,” Natalie is sure that they’ll have another game soon.

Source: The Dodo