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Boy And His Cat Best Friend Are Inseparable They Even Sleep Together



  • Noah had wanted to have a kitten for many years and it came true on Christmas two years ago.
  • Now, the pair have become best friends and do things together, especially sleeping in quite a peculiar way.
  • Meowser would always want to sleep on top of Noah giving him a hug—and it’s the cutest thing to see.

Noah had wanted to have a kitten for so many years. Two years ago, his wish came true when he woke up to find Santa gifted him a 2-month-old kitten, Sir Meowsalot (Meowser for short) on Christmas. Noah was very happy and so was Meowser and they have since become best friends.

“There was an immediate connection with my son Noah and Meowser,” Ashley Crow, their mom, told The Dodo. “They were inseparable.” 

Photo Credit: Ashley Crow

Now it’s over a year, nothing has changed in their friendship. In fact, they have become more closer—they go places and do things together. Their bond is clearly one of a kind. 

“Meowser greets him with chips, purrs and meows every morning and every time he comes in the door,” Ashley said. “They play everything together like dress-up to hide-and-seek to riding on Noah’s skateboard and Hot Wheels with him.” 

Photo Credit: Ashley Crow

Seldom you will see both of them separately. Even when during nap time or bedtime, they still sleep together—and it’s the cutest thing ever. 

They have this quite peculiar way of sleeping together—Meowser would always want to sleep on top of Noah while giving him a hug. It is always adorable to see and makes anyone smile in the sight of them…

…and it seems like this is going to be the way it will always be for the rest of their lives.

Photo Credit: Ashley Crow

“They have such an uncommon bond and have had it from day one,” Ashley said. “One thing is for sure, when Noah lays down, Sir Meowsalot lays down on top of him.” 

Indeed, what they have is a special bond and no doubt, they will be best buddies.

“If you ask Noah who his favorite person in the world is, he will always answer with Sir Meowsalot because he’s more than just a cat,” Ashley said. 

Source: The Dodo