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Boy in critical condition after crash ignores his pain to save his dad’s life [Video]



  • Tyler Moon was seven years old when he and his father David had an accident while riding a quad bike.
  • The father and son made it halfway back to the house when David collapsed due to his life-threatening injuries.
  • Tyler, who shattered his ribs and punctured his lungs, walked two more kilometers to get help for his dad before fainting.

A story about a boy who ignored his pain to save his father’s life was recently aired by 60 Minutes Australia. Though the story happened in 2004, the bravery of that seven-year-old boy, who’s now 24, should be remembered forever.

Seventeen years ago, Tyler Moon and his father David were riding a quad bike when it crashed near their rural home in Milton on New South Wales’ south coast. They were thrown off and the bike landed on top of them.

Tyler suffered two punctured lungs and seven shattered ribs. His father also suffered serious internal injuries.

Even with life-threatening injuries, the father and son tried to walk back to their house. They made it halfway back but David fainted due to his critical internal injuries. Tyler realized his dad couldn’t go any farther.

Tyler, who was in agonizing pain with his lungs filling with blood, fought his way to get back to their house. Just seconds after telling his mother his father was injured, Tyler also fainted.

David and Tyler were airlifted from Milton hospital to separate hospitals in Sydney, Australia.


A spokesman from NRMA CareFlight said, “He’s just such a brave boy. His ribs punctured his lungs as he walked but he didn’t stop. Broken ribs are painful but a collapsed lung is extremely painful.”

Photo by Tim Dennert on Unsplash

Tyler’s mother Gail also expressed her admiration, “How this boy managed his two kilometers is just incredible. It was sheer determination that helped him to overcome the pain.”

Gail said Tyler was a hero and said he had been worried only about his injured father, The Sydney Morning Herald reported.

“I was not aware of how serious Tyler’s injuries were until we got (to hospital),” Gail told reporters at the time. “When he came to the home all he said was he had a sore arm and Daddy needed help.

David and Tyler in the hospital.

When Tyler opened his eyes in the hospital, the first thing he said was ‘Where’s my dad?’.

“He (Tyler) was always a hero in my eyes—he’s just now a hero in everybody’s else’s eyes. He’s the greatest kid in the world,” Gail said.

In 2006, Tyler received an NSW bravery award for his courageous act.

Source: The BL