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British Farmer Pays Tribute To Healthcare Workers By Plowing The NHS Logo With Stay Safe Rainbow On His Farm [Video]



  • A British farmer whose brother and sister-in-law work as healthcare professionals created a very inspiring tribute to healthcare workers in the UK.
  • He went to one of his fields and plowed a massive logo of the NHS with the Stay Safe rainbow on top.
  • The aerial footage showing his labor of love was truly amazing.

Jack Pantall, a 33-year-old farmer in the UK, had thought of a way to pay homage to the British National Health System (NHS) by plowing its logo on his farm using a tractor.

In order to map out the massive image, he used a drone camera to take an aerial video. He then added a “Stay Safe” rainbow to show how he appreciates Britain’s healthcare workers who are fighting hard to contain the COVID-19.

The huge image he created is 60×152 meters in measurement plowed in one of his farm fields near Staunton-on-Wye in Herefordshire.

It took 16 minutes for Jack to create the image and the aerial footage that shows how he created his masterpiece is truly amazing.

Jack, a dad of two, did it to show his full support to all NHS heroes especially to his brother, Harry, 31, who works as a paramedic, and his sister-in-law, a doctor at NHS.

Photo Credit: SWNS

“I had one field left I could use before my spring planting finished so I decided to do it as soon as I could,” Jack said. “My brother and I had been thinking about it and we saw some other people showing their appreciation in different ways. He said, ‘yeah why not let’s do it.’”

He said he got the inspiration when he saw someone from Exeter made #NHS on some corn so they thought of doing their own tribute. To make it original, his brother suggested that he add the Stay Safe rainbow on top of the NHS.

“Thankfully…it turned out beautifully,” he said.

Photo Credit: SWNS

My drone connects to my phone so I was watching my phone screen … to see how it was coming out while I was doing it,” Jack explained. “So the video you’re watching is how I was able to draw it.”

Since the drone battery normally lasts only for 20 minutes, Jack had to hurry up and was able to finish the work in 16 minutes only. 


The Stay Safe rainbow has become a symbol of solidarity and hope for people supporting healthcare professionals. 

“It’s just us showing a small amount of appreciation,” says Jack.

Along with this, he also created a JustGiving page to raise money for the frontliners. 

“It’s a small contribution and they were ecstatic over it,” he said. “It really makes you feel good when they know there are people out there appreciating them. You never know someone is appreciating you until someone says.”

Source: Good News Network