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Business Leaders Step Up To Help Their Employees Survive Amidst Global Pandemic!



  • Many business men throughout the country have stepped up to provide assistance to their employees and make sure they survive the crisis together.
  • Among them are Peter Barbera, owner of SERVPRO, Tim Boyle, President and CEO of Columbia Sportswear, and co-owners of Hott Leggz restaurant Ky Novak and Juliana Sodre.
  • Each of them found ways to alleviate the lives of their employees amidst the threats brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many business leaders throughout the country have stepped up to alleviate the lives of the people amidst the current global health crisis. 

Some donate their salaries to their employees in need, some put up emergency funding for everyone, and others offer their services for free, going above and beyond to make sure their people are protected and they all survive pandemic together. Now, let us get to know three of the most outstanding leaders who went the extra mile.

Photo Credit: Peter Barbera

Peter Barbera, the 42-year-old owner of SERVPRO — a cleaning company that sanitizes buildings after floods, mold infestations, fires, and others — knows exactly how important cleanliness is. That’s why the businessman from Bordentown, New Jersey offered his services to disinfect firefighters’ and police’s vehicles for free.

“First responders work hard day in and day out to keep us safe,” Peter said. “This was just a small way for us to give back.”

Photo Credit: SERVPRO

Tim Boyle, the 70-year-old President and CEO of Columbia Sportswear that is based in Oregon, decided to donate a huge part of his $3.3 million salary just so his almost 9,000 employees could still receive their pay and benefits amidst the novel coronavirus, while he kept only $10,000. Following his lead, 10 top executives of the company decided to cut their pay as well.

Remembering the struggles his grandfather had gone through, he said: “I realize it’s not the same now, but if my grandfather could do what he did at 55, we can get through this. We’ve been through so many challenging times before.”

Photo Credit: Alisa Boetius

Ky Novak, 52, and Juliana Sodre, 41, co-owners of Hott Leggz – a famous restaurant and sports bar located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida – were worried of their 23 employees after they had to temporarily shut down on St. Patrick’s Day because of COVID-19.

But they realized quickly there were dollar bills covering their restaurant’s walls which were left by customers. After three weeks of collecting the money from the walls, it totaled to a whopping $9,648 which was then divided among their employees and each $498 along with some other donations.

“It was quite a task, but we used needle-nose pliers to take them down,” Ky said. “The actual value of the money wasn’t life-changing, but knowing that they work for someone who cares is.”

Source: PEOPLE.Com