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Cancelled Trip To Paris Didn’t Stop This Man From Proposing To His Girlfriend Under The ‘Eiffel Tower’



  • Luke McClung and Erika Diffendall have been dating for years and this Spring, Luke had initially planned to propose to her on their trip to Paris.
  • But because of the coronavirus, they had to cancel their plans and stay at home.
  • But that didn’t make Luke less romantic, so he drew the Eiffel Tower on a wall and proposed to her anyway!

Virginia is for lovers, they say, and a couple from Fredericksburg is proving that to be true.

Luke McClung, a graphic designer, has been dating Erika Diffendall, a high school English teacher, for years. This Spring, the were supposed to have a trip to the city of love, and Luke has planned on asking for her hand. But they had to change their plotted trip due to the coronavirus outbreaks.

Photo Credit: Erika Diffendall

So instead of going, they both decided to stay at home and they knew they made the right decision. 

Still, that didn’t make Luke less romantic. With the extra time they have, Luke came up with the idea to bring Paris to Virginia! After work one Friday evening, Luke told Erika he would be “going for a walk” with his brother.

After they returned, Luke took Erika somewhere for a surprise!

Photo Credit: Erika Diffendall

“What happened next seems like a scenario from a good romantic movie,” Erika said.

“He took me to the alley that led to Market Square, where he had drawn a large image of the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe in chalk. He put roses around the base of the Eiffel Tower and took me there. Then he knelt down and asked the question! It was so sweet and thoughtful!”

Of course, Tania said yes!

Meanwhile, Luke’s brother, Aj, who has been an accomplice, hid in the bushes and took sweet photos of the couple’s special moment. They then went home for another surprise—a Parisian dinner!

“Luke had French food and champagne waiting for us, which he received from La Petite Auberge, a lovely French restaurant in the city center,” Erika said.

Photo Credit: Erika Diffendall

The initial travel plan cancellation may have crushed them but that sweet proposal certainly took away all the sting. At the least, they are safe and healthy at home, and that’s what matters the most.

“Although it wasn’t Paris and the coronavirus turned our spring break upside down, our engagement was perfect and very special. It will always be a reminder to see good in stressful situations and stay positive,” Erika said.

Photo Credit: Erika Diffendall

Their romantic and sweet story has gone viral and was featured in “Some Good News,” a new web show by actor John Krasinski.

Source: Inspire More