LOL: Cat Steals Meat From Neighbors To “Provide” For Owners [Video]

  • A TikTok account named @garythegrillthief records the various meaty grill treats that the cat Gary has been bringing home to his family.
  • The videos on the hotdog and half-cooked chicken leg have already been viewed 4.2 million times.
  • Gary’s owner is in hysterics at the ability and variety of meat he has been ‘providing’ for them.

According to the veterinary medicine website PetMD, “Cats are innate hunters.”  The gifts depend on what they hope to achieve: toys for playtime and food for other motivations. It explains: “Mothers will bring back dead or live prey to their kittens to teach them how to hunt. Some cats may have similar inclinations to share their prey with their owners.”


Gary likes to bring us gifts

♬ original sound – 🥩🍖🖤Gary🖤🍖🥩

But this one cat has been bringing home meaty treats from the neighbor’s grills and so its owner set up an account called Gary the Grill Thief on TikTok.

First it was a hotdog that was presented at their welcome mat and the next day, a half-cooked chicken leg which the owner captioned: “He provides for us.”

Photo Credit: @garythegrillthief (TikTok)

Both videos have already reached more than 4.2 million views!

The account has become a chronicle of the meaty gifts that Gary the tuxedo cat has been bringing home to provide for his family.  And it already has 1.1 million likes.

@garythegrillthief Replying to @kdanway He’s such a provider🥰#catsoftiktok #hunter #cattok #catlover #momsoftiktok ♬ original sound – 🥩🍖🖤Gary🖤🍖🥩

And the TikTokers are all praises for Gary’s ability to bring home the goods for his family and even asked his owners to take good care of him. As Stephanie wrote: “You protect that angel baby with your life.”

Meanwhile, Kelkelcas commented: “Gary was raised right. Never show up empty-handed.” While Liz added: “He’s feeding you. What a good mama.”

Photo Credit: @garythegrillthief (TikTok)

TikTok user _abby_normal_too_ pointed this one out: “The fact he hadn’t taken any chomps out of it and delivered it to you is so selfless and pure.”

Amid the praises, PetMD warned that owners should not “inadvertently reinforce their cat’s behavior.”

@garythegrillthief Buffalo wing 😭 #mukbang #catsoftiktok #gary #cats #fyp ♬ original sound – 🥩🍖🖤Gary🖤🍖🥩

To make it clear, PetMD added: “If the cat is holding the dead bird, and the owner tosses her a toy or treat in order to get the cat to drop it, then the cat may learn to bring more prey to the owner in order to get more attention or rewards.”

Now we are wondering if there’s a neighbor out there who’s wondering why their meat is missing… 

Source: Newsweek

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