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Cat didn’t recognize dog sibling after visit to the groomer [Video]



  • Milly the cat and her dog sibling, Lupim, have a special bond.
  • When their mom brought Lupim to a groomer to trim his fur, Milly didn’t recognize him when they returned.
  • Milly thought her mom brought the wrong dog back.

Milly the cat and her dog sibling, Lupim, didn’t click the first time they met. But the relationship blossomed into something special, their mom, Amanda Alckmim, said.

Now, the two furry pets love each other’s company.

“They are best friends,” Amanda told The Dodo.

The other day, Amanda realized that Lupim’s curly coifs had become overgrown. So, she made an appointment for him to get a haircut, hoping to significantly reduce his shagginess.

Milly was not ‘told’ about the grooming appointment. (Imagine her surprise when Lupim came back from the pet hair groomer.)

So, when Amanda and Lupim returned home, the little dog looked like a brand new pup. Lupim looked so different that Milly was convinced their mom had brought home the wrong dog.

The adorable Lupim looked so handsome with his fresh new ‘do, but Milly gave him an icy welcome. The cat didn’t recognize him.


Amanda said, “It was super awkward.”

Shortly after, Milly came to realize that, despite looking different, Lupim was her old friend after all. She eventually recognized his personality and maybe his smell, as well.

Photo Credit: Amanda Alckmim

With his new haircut, Lupim looks really cool and he’s back to sharing good times with his favorite sibling, Milly.

“Milly was shocked to see Lupim after the groomer,” Alckmim said. “But they’re now friends again.”

Source: The Dodo