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Dog settles with tiny bed after cat sibling takes over his bed [Video]

In the videos that have gone viral, a kitty is shown sleeping peacefully in the bed of her dog sibling. Not wanting to disturb the cat, the dog tries to sleep on the kitty’s...

Cat didn’t recognize dog sibling after visit to the groomer [Video]

Milly the cat and her dog sibling, Lupim, have a special bond. When their mom brought Lupim to a groomer to trim his fur, Milly didn’t recognize him when they returned. Milly thought her...
dog and cat cuddle

Pup loves getting cuddled and groomed by cat brother [Video]

Kitties Conan and Eleanor were initially distant from their canine sibling, Sarge, but gradually warmed up to him. Eleanor remained a bit aloof, but Conan fully accepted Sarge as family and started grooming him....
Husky looks mortified when caught chilling with the cat

Husky looks mortified when caught chilling with the cat [Video]

A husky appeared to look embarrassed when he realized his mom caught him hanging out with the cat. It seemed like he told the cat to get off him once the camera caught them!...