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Pup loves getting cuddled and groomed by cat brother [Video]



  • Kitties Conan and Eleanor were initially distant from their canine sibling, Sarge, but gradually warmed up to him.
  • Eleanor remained a bit aloof, but Conan fully accepted Sarge as family and started grooming him.
  • Sarge can often be seen walking up to Conan before plopping down beside him for cuddle time.

When Sarge met his kitty siblings Conan and Eleanor, they didn’t know how to deal with him at first. But it wasn’t long until he was fully accepted as one of their own. Conan, in particular, would give his pup sibling regular grooming sessions.

Pup loves getting cuddled and groomed by cat brother
Photo Credit: TikTok/thatdoggosarge

Watching this pair cuddle makes us feel relaxed, too!

Their relationship didn’t start as greatly as this, though.

Conan was just a little kitten when he first met Sarge, so he initially had some reservations. But as the furry siblings spent more time together, they became inseparable cuddle buddies.


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Nowadays, the orange tabby would often beckon Sarge to come near him, so they can start their grooming session. Their adorable cuddle times are being shared regularly on TikTok, where they have over 122,000 followers.

Viewers can’t get enough of the way Sarge plops or “cuddle tumbles” to get closer to Conan.

Their other feline sibling, Eleanor, sometimes makes an appearance, but since she’s known as the “house bully” who keeps her siblings at a distance, Conan has become Sarge’s TikTok co-star.


Conan and Sarge definitely don’t care about keeping up appearances, so they never shy away from showing each other affection.

Watch Sarge come up to the bed and plop beside Conan to get some cuddles:


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Their human family went through a brief posting hiatus as they made preparations to move.

But Conan and Sarge continued their heartwarming cuddle sessions through it all, until they all settled down into their new home.

Photo Credit: TikTok/thatdoggosarge

For a regular dose of serotonin, you can see more of these cuddle buddies on TikTok.

Pup loves getting cuddled and groomed by cat brother
Photo Credit: TikTok/thatdoggosarge

Source: Daily Paws