Cat graduates with mom after attending Zoom classes with her

  • Francesca Bourdier adopted Suki from a shelter back in September 2020.
  • During that time, most of Francesca’s classes were held online due to the pandemic.
  • Suki always attended her mom’s Zoom classes. 

Graduation is a joyous occasion for both students and their families. Francesca Bourdier made her special day even more memorable by sharing it with Suki, her tabby cat.

Suki had attended every single one of her mother’s online lessons over the previous two years, so Bourdier decided to recognize their accomplishment. She fashioned a miniature, Suki-sized cap and gown to match her own for the event.


Because of the pandemic, most of Bourdier’s classes were held online β€” yet she was never alone. Suki would join her mother in front of the computer as soon as she heard her mother’s Zoom class begin.

Suki, according to Bourdier, would simply walk up to her desk and lay next to it, as if she was listening. Sukie would sit on top of her iPad as she made notes.


Bourdier decided to adopt Suki from a local shelter after seeing her photo on the internet in September 2020. She drove to three different sites simply to find her.

There was a large line of people waiting to adopt Suki when she eventually arrived at the correct shelter.

Bourdier’s perseverance paid off, as she was the one who walked away with the cute kitty at the end of the day.


β€œWhen I finally got her, I just thought, β€˜Wow … I get to be her mom,’” Bourdier said.

Suki has always enjoyed learning new things since joining the family, mastering stunts like high-fiving, twirling, and giving her paw on command. When the studious cat began attending every single one of Bourdier’s Zoom lectures, it seemed only natural.

Suki’s presence in class gave Bourdier the support and encouragement she needed to finish her online degree.


When one of her lecturers requested the students to bring in their pets, Bourdier realized she wasn’t alone. Almost every student was accompanied by their pet during class.

While graduating with Suki enriched Bourdier’s college experience, it’s just one of many goals the two plan to achieve together.

β€œ[Suki] is just that special,” said Bourder. 

Source: The Dodo

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