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Cat Helps Neighbor Fish Her House Keys From Hole [Video]



  • Luh Meira’s son was playing with their apartment’s keys when he dropped them down a hole.
  • Despite attempts to get them out of the hole, the keys remained at the bottom until Pantera the cat came to the rescue.
  • Pantera managed to fish out the keys after several tries and got a toy and treats plus a whole lotta love from the thankful mom and son.

When Luh Meira and her son were trying to retrieve their house key from a random hole, an unusual hero came along to save the day.

Meira’s son was playing with the keys to their apartment and like any precocious kid, dropped it down a random hole.  The hole was too narrow for a child’s hand.  Even after several tries, he could not retrieve it. His mom tried hooking it with a stick but still could not bring it out of the hole.

Then along came Pantera, the neighbor’s cat.  At first, the cat was playing with the stick being used to get the keys.  He also inserted his paw inside the hole with the stick.  Pantera seemed to be enjoying the “play”.  At one time, the keys got hooked on his paws but then it fell down again and so Meira pointed out to the hole. And after several swipes down, he was able to fish out the set of keys!

Photo Credit: Luh Meira

Meira was stunned!  Meira said, “If I didn’t film it, no one would believe it. I was surprised, because I thought he put his paw in the hole just to play, but his intention was to really get the keys. I was super happy.”

For his good deed, Pantera got a toy and some treats from Meira!

Photo Credit: Luh Meira

But the most special reward of all is Meira’s love. Meira said, “He won my love. I was already in love with cats, but now there’s no question.”

Good job, Pantera!

Source: The Dodo