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Watch this Cat Meet his Future Baby Brother [Video]



  • Mingy the cat has been unaware that his mom was pregnant with her first human child.
  • So when he witnessed the baby moving inside his mom’s belly, he was hit with a sudden realization!
  • Mingy realized he was going to be a big brother, so he decided to become more protective of his mom and future baby brother.

Welcoming a new member of the family is always exciting. That holds true for both humans and pets. For Mingy the cat, he just realized that he’s having a baby brother — and soon!

Photo Credit: Mel Kappuccino

His mom, Mel Kappuccino, is expecting her first human child. She is now near the end of her second trimester.

Mingy, however, had no idea all this time. It was only recently that he started to figure things out and act differently.

As Mel sat on the couch the other day with her belly exposed, the baby started moving. It caught the attention of Mingy, who finally realized what was happening.

Mel told The Dodo, “That’s when he got up to investigate. I started recording.”

Mingy slowly approached, gently placed his paw on his mom’s baby bump, and started sniffing. It seemed like he realized that his mom had a baby brother inside!

“I was lucky enough to capture this beautiful moment,” Mel shared.


Following his sudden realization that he was going to be an older brother, the sweet Mingy fully embraced his role and became even more protective of his mom and baby brother.

Mel shared, “He finally saw the baby move for the first time ever and now he doesn’t want to leave my side.”

Photo Credit: Mel Kappuccino

Mel shared, “I love Mingy so much, so it’s really important to me that my baby grows up with him by his side. I feel like they’re going to be best friends forever, and I am looking forward to that.”

Mingy will surely be a good big brother. We’re also looking forward to their future adventures as siblings!

Source: The Dodo