Cat mom loves dressing up her pet trio in the most campy costumes [Video]

Cat mom loves dressing up her pet trio in the most campy costumes

  • Amber has been dressing herself, her cats Harley and Lola, and her bunny, George Michael, in the most delightful costumes.
  • For her yearly tradition called “31 Days of Harleyween,” they all dress up in a costume every day in October.
  • Her cats have since worn almost 300 unique costumes and outfits!

A cat mom and her trio of pets have been spreading good vibes on Instagram with their adorable and outrageous costumes.

Meet Amber Maureen Lu, her long-haired Scottish folds, 6-year-old Harley and 1-year-old Lola, and her newly adopted bunny, George Michael:

Amber discovered Harley’s talent for modeling during a Christmas photoshoot with her friends. She was asked to include Harley, who delighted everyone with her cute little Santa outfit.

“That was sort of the beginning of her dressing up,” Amber recalled.

After several years, Harley and Lola have worn about 300 unique costumes!

Photo Credit: Instagram/eatdrinkcat

Harley can be seen in outfits that range from simple cat sweaters to unique Halloween costumes.

They even have a yearly tradition called “#31DaysOfHarleyween,” during which they dress up in a unique costume every day in October.

Dressed up as characters of the classic film The Nightmare Before Christmas, here’s Amber as the mayor of Halloween Town and Harley as Jack Skellington:

Amber said that the first year’s costumes were just simple ones that she threw together from what she already had.

After that, she decided to make a list of costume inspirations to craft herself, such as characters from Squid Game:

Amber said that Harley is such a natural in front of the camera. Since Harley has a charmingly grumpy face, the photos all turn out to be adorable.

She added that she doesn’t force Harley to wear a costume she doesn’t want to wear.

Still, there are a bunch of bloopers, as can be expected when trying to have a photoshoot with a pet.

Her other cat, Lola, doesn’t like being in front of the camera as much as Harley. So Amber hopes that her third pet, George Michael the bunny, could join in on the costume fun this year.

Photo Credit: Instagram/eatdrinkcat

Amber considered stopping #31DaysOfHarleyween before, but her followers sent her messages of support.

Upon learning that the pictures get a lot of people through hard times, she decided to continue.

“I just want people to be happy. So many times people are like, ‘Oh my gosh, this is so ridiculous. This is so funny. This made my day,'” Amber shared. “It’s all just meant to hopefully cheer somebody up that’s having a bad day.”

You can see more of this beloved quartet on Instagram.

Source: Daily Paws

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