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Cat Shows Fascination on Toothbrushes, Decided to Learn from His Owner [Video]



  • Achilles the cat decided to learn how to brush his teeth on his own.
  • The cat started brushing his teeth when an extra toothbrush was left on the holder by the sink.
  • The copycat attitude of this cat did not stop with the toothbrush. He also copies how his owner sleeps.

Achilles makes it a point to not lose sight of his favorite person. He has even picked up a few human things he now copies.

“He’s extremely brilliant at observing what I do and picking up on my daily habits and routines,” Stephanie says.

Achilles takes interest in Stephanie’s early morning routine. The cat gets up at 5:00 in the morning just to follow his owner on her way to the bathroom to watch her brush her teeth. “He sits there just watching me,” Stephanie said.

This is one of the most usual habits the cat has decided to pick up from his owner.

The time to practice what he observed came when Stephanie set extra toothbrushes on the holder by the sink for when her sisters come to visit. Achilles knows exactly what to do next. It was as if the cat had been waiting for his owner to buy extra toothbrushes his entire life.

“I was doing my usual morning brushing and I noticed Achilles suddenly mimicking me with my sister’s toothbrush,” Stephanie said. “At first, I thought ‘Gross!’ But then as he started doing this often, [I realized] it was genius.”

Most pets hate having their teeth brushed clean, but her cat was different. Achilles almost cannot wait for this little morning ritual that he now shares with Stephanie.

“I even started leaving an extra toothbrush out just for him,” Stephanie said.

“I’ve had so many pets in my life and I’ve never seen anything like it,” Stephanie said. “If I allow him in the bathroom at night, he even brushes before bed. He’s on top of his oral hygiene.”

It might be that Achilles does not consider himself a cat at all. His copycat attitude did not stop with toothbrush either.

“He acts like a mini me,” Stephanie said. “He will go to bed if I go to bed and nap when I nap. He even sleeps very similar to me — his tummy up and tucks himself under the covers.”

Stephanie thinks that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Source: The Dodo