Cat Sticks Out Tongue At Owner And It’s Hilarious [Video]

  • A video posted on TikTok showing a cat sticking its tongue out to its owner has the internet laughing.
  • Comments ranged from thinking of Steve Buscemi to having Anthony Hopkins as a pet.
  • If the cat is not excessively drooling, catching its breath or overheated, enjoy the harmless tongue sticking.

Netizens are laughing over a video of a funny cat that is sticking its tongue out at its owner.

The cat’s owner @Damngianna, took the video of a white-and-grey cat sitting by the window, as it sticks its tongue out. The owner captioned it: “never change.”

@damngianna never change ❤️ #cat #catsoftiktok #catwithtongueout ♬ original sound – summer

More than a million have already viewed it.

And the comments are buzzing at the hilarious video. “lmao I was thinking Steve Buscemi,” wrote TikToker Juneaucat while Keatonpotatos commented: “That cat has LIVED life,” and Krys added: “that boy has seen some things. I love him.”

Alex’s comment of “What emotion is this,” was answered by the owner with: [I don’t know] but also I do know… [you] know.”

Forestgonewandering could not help but write: “Bro is already taxidermied.” While Marianne Neergaard worried and said: “Is my guy okay tho? For real?”  Another user SucculentDyes jested: “why do you have Anthony Hopkins as a pet?”

@damngianna Replying to @sattelberger rocky balboa 🥊 #cat #catsoftiktok ♬ original sound – goldenbiscuit.tx

The sticking of tongue prompted Katerade to say: “That’s not a pet it’s a chaos demon.”

It is really nothing to worry about as cats stick out their tongues no matter what age, according to Senior Cat Wellness blog. When asleep, cats are most likely to stick out their tongues and it’s the elderly cats who nap often.

Here are the possible reasons for tongue sticking: to cool down or taste the air for young kittens, to get rid of food or toy pieces stuck in their tongue or teeth, and when they are relaxed or content.

Photo by cottonbro studio

As long as they are not excessively drooling or unconsciously leaving the tip of their tongue (blepping), it is probably harmless.

And here is what to watch out for: when they have breathing difficulties, are overheated, or are poisoned. This would need emergency veterinary care.

But for now, let the tongue sticking make you smile and forget your worries for a while. Blep!

Source: Newsweek

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