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Cats Make their Home in Town’s Symbolic Christmas Tree



  • The cultural association A Cuperte de Natale commissioned a Christmas tree that would be symbolic for their little Italian town.
  • The tree was made from a collection of tiny wooden houses, which represented the town’s solidarity in staying home to curb the spread of the virus.
  • The tree quickly became home to a group of cats living in the area as well, which made the tree even more special.

The beautiful Christmas tree in the little Italian town of Lucera is more than just a seasonal holiday centerpiece. It has become symbolic to the community, and is also a home to the local cats.

Photo Credit: A Cuperte de Natale

The cultural association A Cuperte de Natale commisioned the tree last year as a symbolic piece. Made from several tiny wooden houses, it’s a beautiful representation of the town’s solidarity in staying home to curb the spread of COVID-19.

While it was being built, it sparked the curiosity of Lucera’s feline residents.

Luigi Conte, president of the association, told The Dodo that the square where the tree was built is home to a family of stray cats who are taken care of by the locals. “They practically built the tree with us,” he added.

Photo Credit: A Cuperte de Natale

Soon, the tree’s tiny houses were not just symbols but also actual homes for the cats.

The cats claimed the tree as their new home, and everyone involved with the tree building was delighted!

Photo Credit: A Cuperte de Natale

Conte shared, “The tree was built to send a message about these times we face. But then it became a shelter and amusement park for cats. They are the protagonists of Christmas this year, making the tree come alive. It was the perfect result.”

The cats added to the beauty of the tree, as if they were living, breathing ornaments!

L’albero di Natale dei GATTI.Posted by Giuseppe Ferro on Saturday, December 5, 2020

Like last year, Christmas this year may still not be like what we were used to before the pandemic. That is what the tree symbolizes. But thanks to the cats, everyone was reminded that, despite these strange and difficult times, there’s still plenty of joy to be found.

Conte shared, “I’m delighted they’re there. It’s a message of hope.”

Source: The Dodo