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CEO Donates One Year Salary And Bonus To Employees Amid Health Crisis!



  • Texas Roadhouse CEO Kent Taylor is a generous and kind businessman.
  • Being able to experience struggles in life himself — especially in terms of finances — he doesn’t want any employee of his struggle alone.
  • So he donated $5 million to their company’s support fund and his 1 year worth salary and bonus which is equivalent to more than $800,000 for the starters.

Texas Roadhouse CEO Kent Taylor is just one of the many amazing people in business that never let their employees go unprotected and alone during this difficult time of pandemic.

Kent, who is also one of the founders of the restaurant chain, bought protective gears  like masks, gloves, and others for all of the employees in their nearly 600 stores. He even worked on providing a stimulus package of some kind particularly for the Texas Roadhouse family.

Photo Credit: Texas Roadhouse

“It’s how I was raised. I did what I felt was right,” Taylor, 64, told PEOPLE. “This is that kind of time where you have to persist and think differently and take care of those that are with you and lift everyone’s spirits and march forward.”

But more than that, Kent donated a year amount of his salary and bonus which is about over $800,000 — for all the starters. What’s more amazing is that, amidst pandemic, they managed to not lay off a single employee nor cut someone’s pay!

The generous businessman also donated $5 million to Andy’s Outreach — an emergency fund he set up 18 years ago intended to help his employees’  rent, mortgage payments, utility bills, funeral expenses, and other emergencies.

Photo Credit: Texas Roadhouse

“We were doing that to take care of our people that might have a loved one die that needed money for a funeral or an operation,” he explained. “It would transition to where people gave part of their paycheck, whether 10 cents of $10, to help our people during times of need.”

In the early 1990s, when Texas Roadhouse was pretty new, Kent was a single parent striving to raise his two daughters and he knows exactly what it’s like to struggle to pay the bills. That is why he is being generous with his employees who are going through difficulties.

He only hopes that his kindness and generosity is something his employees would take with them and pay it forward. 

“I want them,” he says, “to transfer the love we’re showing them to other people.”

Source: PEOPLE.Com